The offer includes 3D modelling of any objects, from small items to architectural complexes. A special category and the object of my interest are virtual reconstructions of historic monuments. Geometry is mapped strictly according to the guidelines and photorealistic textures imitate real materials.
In the case of reconstruction of monuments it is also possible to model an object on the basis of a previously created 3D scan.
The 3D model can be presented as a rendered illustration, animation or as a separate 3D object available online. It is possible to 3D print and make a metal copy of the object in original or modified scale.

3D reconstruction of an early medieval sickle from Nasielsk
Drawing, photo and 3D reconstruction of an early medieval vessel from the Bródno Stare settlement
3D reconstruction of the building with an arcade from the Bródno Stare settlement

Reconstruction of the early medieval shield

3D reconstruction of a stone ax
3D reconstruction of ceramics from the Bronze Age
rekonstrukcja 3d ceramiki
3D reconstruction of Neolithic ceramics
3D reconstruction of the dragon sculpture from Oseberg
dragon 3d odlew
A bronze cast of the Oseberg dragon based on digital sculpture and 3D printing