I have over ten years of experience in historic photography for the purposes of publications, large scale prints, and museum exhibitions. Photos can be taken at our office, in the field or at the client’s location. Professional photographic equipment enables us to take pictures with 42Mpix resolution, ensuring the highest quality in print. All photos are subjected to processing.
The scope of services also includes the creation of 360° spherical panoramas for virtual tours.
Our offer includes 3D scanning of objects by photogrammetric method. Objects can be digitalised in studio conditions and in the field. On the basis of a scan it is possible to create a digital reconstruction of the original design of the object.
3D scanning with a structured light scanner can be performed after an individual agreement with the customer.

zapinka foto dokumentacyjna

Early medieval spindle from Czermno with an inscription


The market square in Kalisz, sewage infrastructure

Bi-Xi, sculpture in Kharkhorin, Mongolia: https://skfb.ly/ospxU